If you like texture ans sleek lines, simplicity but also subtle sophistication, then contemporary style is the one for you. Not only is contemporary style is simple and sleek, it also incorporates everything that is fashionable and “now”. The colour chart suited to a contemporary interior is neutrals, black and white. By starting with a neutral or monochromatic foundation – floors and walls – you provide a stage for the skirting lines and shapes of your furniture.

Add a few geometric shapes and some eye-catching accessories such as neon-pop cushion and a bold pastel-coloured chair, to complete the look.

To create an element of contrast, pair timber flooring in a dark brown like Pinaco laminate flooring in Cognac with crisp-white walls. A few soft curves, such as a sofa with rounded cushions, will help to balance out the harshness.

If you want more sound control or warmth in your home, you can also achieve a contemporary look with carpet. Stick to brownish and charcoal tones as these will best suit neutral and monochromatic furniture. You can also add hits of colour and texture to a space with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.